Healthcare is one of the most critically important services in society, impacting virtually everyone—both directly and indirectly—in the most personal ways. As new science and technologies become available, the opportunities for improving clinical care and outcomes are endless. These advances are inseparably linked, though, to the increasingly complex challenges of healthcare access and affordability.  

Several of the main healthcare concerns in the United States and other countries include:

  • Variable outcomes, inconsistent quality
  • Unsustainable costs for government, employers, families, and individuals
  • Tremendous political uncertainty
  • Unresolved questions regarding cost effectiveness of new technologies, new pharmaceuticals and biologics, and end-of-life care
  • Inadequate engagement of patients in decision making, chronic disease management, and responsibility for choices
  • Provider disengagement and burnout
  • Provider payment incentives that are not aligned with better health outcomes and lower cost

Despite these concerns, Intermountain Healthcare is optimistic about the future of healthcare for our patients, our communities, and those professionals who choose healthcare as their life’s work. Among our reasons for optimism are:

  • Our experience that the adoption of quality improvement methods that have revolutionized other industries are applicable and beneficial in healthcare
  • Advanced data systems contribute greatly to better outcomes (clinical and cost) by tracking complex processes, prompting best practices, and facilitating efficient exchange of complex data
  • Increasing public interest in healthy behaviors and patient participation in healthcare decision making
  • Demonstrated effectiveness of integrated healthcare delivery systems at improving outcomes and reducing overall costs
  • Greatly improved understanding of the leadership skills needed to drive the changes in healthcare that will improve outcomes 

The Intermountain Healthcare Leadership Institute embodies this optimism and commitment to transform the future of healthcare so all people can live the healthiest lives possible.