Welcome to the Intermountain Healthcare Delivery Institute. Here at the Institute we are dedicated to helping healthcare professionals develop quality improvement tools for their organizations. Our Advanced Training Programs are designed to help fill the urgent need to integrate state-of-the-art clinical quality techniques into the health services infrastructure. We work to train health professionals and leaders from all levels in the theory and application of clinical process management leading to cost and quality control.

We hold our Advanced Training Program and mini-Advanced Training Program twice each year – winter (January – May) and Fall (August – November). We are currently accepting registrations for both of our programs. Please look around our site for more information and do not hesitate to contact us to ask questions or request more information. Courses fill quickly, secure your spot today!


About Us

Learn more about the Intermountain Healthcare Delivery Institute, and our vision and goals, as we aim to improve quality and reduce the cost of healthcare services through evidence based medicine.


Intermountain Healthcare Delivery Institute Courses

Courses offered by Intermountain Healthcare Delivery Institute are designed to meet the need of health professionals, including executives and quality improvement leaders, as well as courses specifically for clinicians.


For Students

Students can choose from several sessions that include pre-course study, homework, and breakout sessions.



The Intermountain Healthcare Delivery Institute has trained thousands of executive and physician leaders from across the nation and around the world, and classes fill quickly. Review the calendar of upcoming course offerings.


Sister Training Programs

Use these resources to supplement your ongoing education whether you are a graduate of the program, an individual interested in our training, or an organization implementing your own Quality Improvement program.


Alumni Resources

Please join us at the ATP Alumni Reunion in Orlando Florida!

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Clinical Management

Learn more about implementing clinical management and clinical integration.


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