Everyone with a stake in healthcare plays an important role, including patients, doctors, healthcare organizations, employers, payers like health plans, and our community as a whole. Our goals are to provide better care and help you achieve better health at more affordable costs.

Intermountain’s approach includes three key priorities:

  1. Redesigning care. We use evidence-based medicine – treatments that have been proven effective – to provide you with the right care, in the right setting, at the right time. We avoid under-treatment, over-treatment, and the misuse of resources.

  2. Aligning financial incentives. Everyone benefits from high-quality, high-value care. We are working toward a system that rewards hospitals and doctors for providing highly effective care and removes incentives that lead to ineffective care. We want to encourage the highest clinical quality, the best patient health and experience, and appropriate management of costs.

  3. Engaging patients. We are working to achieve better patient health by promoting wellness and prevention – and by engaging you more in choices about your health and care.