Connect Care Pro is an integrated part of how we deliver care at Intermountain Healthcare. From hospitals, to outpatient clinics, to patient homes, we use audio/video technology to connect clinicians with one another, keep patients closer to home and out of the hospital when possible, and remove traditional barriers so patients can get the specialized care they need, wherever they are. Developed to meet the needs of small, rural hospitals where access to specialists is often limited, the following Connect Care Pro programs also augment caregivers at large, urban hospitals. Connect Care Pro allows bedside clinicians quick access to decades of experience at the click of a button. 

Crisis Care

In rural areas, qualified behavioral health specialists may be hours away when patients need them most. The ability to access additional support with Connect Care Pro is allowing patients to get that care in an average of 20 minutes. Once connected, Intermountain’s licensed clinical social workers conduct real-time evaluation of patients and consult with on-site clinical staff about diagnosis and treatment, including recommendations regarding patient transfer and follow up treatment.

Critical Care

Connect Care Pro brings a team of critical care nurses and intensivists to proactively support hospitals with an extra layer of support for ICU patients. This allows hospitals to keep sicker patients close to home and treat more complex cases in local facilities. In addition to reducing the complexities and costs associated with transferring patients, data shows this program lowers the risk of mortality by 40 percent and reduces the length of stay.

Infectious Diseases and Antimicrobial Stewardship

Infectious Diseases providers and pharmacists consult with bedside teams on patients with infectious diseases and help facilities meet federally mandated Antimicrobial Stewardship standards.

Medical Oncology

Patients battling cancer often travel great distances for treatments. TeleHealth technology allows providers to connect with patients closer to home, supporting local providers with administering needed treatments. This program saved patients at one supported hospital an average of 330 miles, round trip – adding up to a combined $111,000 savings over 631 treatments during the program’s first year.

Newborn Critical Care

For critically ill babies and their families, access to neonatal specialists can be an important safety net in the first moments of life. Approximately 10 percent of newborns are born with complications, and 2 percent urgently require extended resuscitation. Connect Care Pro helps bedside clinicians quickly connect to neonatologists when these serious events occur. With Connect Care Pro:

  • Newborns with complications have been stabilized faster, resulting in improved outcomes and preventing future complications.
  • Newborns are transferred less often, preventing unnecessary stress on patients and families.
  • Caregiver communication, competence, and confidence has improved.


For patients suffering ischemic stroke, time is brain. A stroke patient loses thousands of brain cells every second. When quick treatment is essential, patients in EDs and other parts of the hospital can connect with neurologists at Intermountain Medical Center, who conduct real-time evaluations and consult with on-site physicians to determine treatment, including administration of tPA, and follow up care. In their first three years, neurologists achieved (and have maintained) a median response time of less than two minutes — reducing stress on bedside caregivers.