Application Deadlines

Grant applications need to be postmarked as follows:

  • To have your application considered at the Board meeting in May:
    • Application needs to be postmarked by March 1
  • To have your application considered at the Board meeting in November:
    • Application needs to be postmarked by September 1

Application Packet

An Intermountain Community Care Foundation grant application packet has several required pieces. There is no longer a logic model required with the application form.

Your application will not be considered if any one of the following parts is missing from your application:

  • Application Form: Completed and signed. Please keep the application as short as possible (2-4 pages) by being brief in your descriptions. Try to adjust the table columns to keep your pages full (e.g., split a cell into two rows so that one row pops up and fills in blank space on the previous page).
  • One-page Cover Letter: Includes a brief introduction of your organization, the program for which you are requesting funding, and how it meets the funding criteria. Please limit this cover letter to one page.
  • Audited Financial Statement: An audited financial statement is required and must be current within two calendar years from the time you apply. Tax filings and financial statements that have not been audited will disqualify your application.
  • Letter designating 501(c)(3) status from IRS: Legible photocopy of current letter
  • Itemized Budget for Organization: Overall budget for your organization
  • Itemized Budget for Program: Budget for the specific program for which you are requesting funds
  • List of Board of Directors: Current list including occupations, addresses and contact information
  • List of Key Staff: Current list, including names and positions

The grant application you submit will be copied and distributed to the Foundation Board for review, so it is important that it be clear and easy-to-read.

Submitting Your Application

When you send us your application, submit only ONE copy of the entire application packet via email. We are moving from using hard copies to using electronic versions, and would appreciate your help in scanning and emailing all the required information to us.