Site Visit

Applying agencies should be prepared to receive a site visit from a Board or staff member following receipt of the application but prior to the Board meeting. You will be contacted via email to set up a time for a visit.


Organizations that receive a grant will not be eligible to apply again for 18 months.

Board Responsibility

The Intermountain Community Care Foundation staff determines if the proposed funding satisfies the grant criteria. Grant requests that meet the criteria are reviewed and evaluated by the Foundation Board. As soon as the Board decision has been finalized, the applying agency will be notified in writing.

The Foundation Board is not required to fund every project that satisfies the criteria, nor is it required to fund the full amount requested. The Board will use its discretion in granting funding requests.

Funding Limits

Lack of approval should not be considered a reflection on the merits of a proposal. There is a limited amount of money each year to be distributed, and the Foundation cannot fund all requests.