Continuing Chase's Journey

Today, Chase Houston is a vibrant, active, and "perfect" boy, something that was far from a given three years ago.

Chase was born with a hole in his lung at Garfield Memorial Hospital in Panguitch, Utah – a rural town of 1,500 people located in Southern Utah – and needed specialized care not available in his community. Fortunately, Intermountain’s TeleHealth services connected Chase’s care team with a NICU doctor in St. George, Utah who provided the expertise to repair Chase’s lung. This remote care also offered the Houston family with a healing experience that did not include the anxiety, stress, and burden of having to travel 100+ miles from Panguitch to St. George.

Chase is one example of how Intermountain’s TeleHealth services provide expert and individualized care through the ease of technology. Whether you live in a remote area, have multiple children who are difficult to take to a doctor’s office, or simply prefer the convenience of chatting with a healthcare provider from the comfort of your home using a mobile device, Intermountain is there for your health journey.

To learn more about Intermountain’s TeleHealth services, visit our Connect Care site.


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