Intermountain Healthcare has a long history of investing in our communities and partnering with organizations to achieve our mission of helping people live the healthiest lives possible. Our work in local impact investing furthers our ability to improve health and well-being where our community members live, learn, work, play, worship and age.

Empowering local partners with the financial tools they need to provide for the underserved is another way we can work together to create vibrant and healthy communities.

Priority Investments

Intermountain’s local impact investment strategy revolves around our mission of helping people live the healthiest lives possible.®

Intermountain Healthcare’s local investments will be available for local, not-for-profit organizations, companies, and projects that impact:

  • Areas identified and prioritized by our communities as found in the Intermountain Community Health Needs Assessment
  • Improvements in the social determinants of health (SDoH)
  • Economic development in our local communities
  • Communities with disparities in employment, income, and health

Types of Investments

  • Direct Loan – secured and/or unsecured loan negotiated between Intermountain Healthcare and a not-for-profit borrower.
  • Intermediary Investment – investment negotiated between Intermountain Healthcare and a not-for-profit organization that lends to other not-for-profit organizations and/or those historically underserved by financial markets.
  • Line of Credit – a promise between Intermountain Healthcare and a not-for-profit organization to make a direct loan. Terms specify the maximum amount of the line and the time period during which the borrower may draw the funds.
  • Equity Capital – stock purchase in community development banks or other types of alternative economic enterprises.
  • Guarantees – a promise from Intermountain Healthcare to a not-for-profit organization to pay their financial obligation in the event the borrower is unable to pay.
  • Interest rates for issued loans will typically be at market rate or below and will be issued, for most projects, between 1-5 years. Read more about the social determinants of health.

Application Process

Download your application. Please send your completed application to Other documentation and information are required in addition to the application for approval.

Examples of Investments

Local impact investing supports opportunities that will create healthy communities and develop well-being. Examples of investments which extend these opportunities include healthy food access and production, housing affordability, community and child care services, educational scholarships and opportunities, minority and employee-owned business creation and retention, and energy efficiency. Intermountain continually seeks to understand our communities needs and to know which opportunities will have the greatest impact. Through local impact investing, we can enhance the positive impact local organizations have within our communities.

A comprehensive look at what factors determine a thriving community reveals that safe neighborhoods, inviting public spaces, development opportunities, and ownership within the community are all vital.