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Intermountain Issues, Initiatives, and Events


Intermountain Pledges to Reduce Prescribed Opioids by 40 Percent

Marc Harrison, MD, Intermountain’s President and CEO: “We really want to make sure we reduce the potential for abuse ... but still ensure that our patients have high-quality care. This is a big goal, but our communities and the people in them are suffering, and we need to do something about that.”
preventing teen suicide

Primary Children’s Hospital Launches Campaign to Help Prevent Teen Suicide

Suicide has become the leading cause of death for young people in Utah, and September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. Primary Children's Hospital is focusing on preventing youth suicide with a new public service announcement and accompanying information online and in social media.
daca faces

Intermountain Supports Caregivers Affected by DACA Changes

Intermountain CEO Marc Harrison, MD: “Please join me in expressing our support for those working through DACA and showing our appreciation for all of our fellow caregivers as we work toward 'helping people live the healthiest lives possible.’”
harvey help

Intermountain Caregivers send $200,000 to Help Colleagues Affected by Hurricane Harvey

Individual Intermountain caregivers gave personal donations totaling close to $50,000, which Intermountain matched along with an additional donation of $100,000—adding up to a total of $200,000 going to the relief fund.
kevan mabbutt--new

New Chief Consumer Officer Joins Intermountain from Disney

Intermountain welcomes Kevan Mabbutt as our new Senior Vice President and Chief Consumer Officer. He’ll lead Intermountain’s efforts to create a customer-centric mentality across the organization and weave it into our culture. 

Updates and Features

supply chain

Intermountain Supply Chain Is Well-stocked in Case of Disaster

In the aftermath of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, the wrath of which many in southeast Texas and Florida have described as unprecedented, the well-being and functionality of hospitals themselves has become a paramount public safety topic.
drawing blood

Intermountain Clarifies Policy on Responding to Law Enforcement Requests

Intermountain’s policy—based on federal law—requires law enforcement to have a patient in custody, a warrant, or a patient's permission before we can provide any information from a blood draw or any other protected health information (PHI). 
greg poulsen

Intermountain, U of U Health Plans Push to Reestablish High-risk Insurance Pool

Officials from Intermountain Healthcare and University of Utah Health Plans met with Utah lawmakers in August to recommend the state bring back a high-risk pool to Utah’s health insurance market as a way to remedy some of the difficulties caused by the Affordable Care Act. 
layton opening

Intermountain’s Layton Hospital Celebrates Opening of Outpatient Clinics

The outpatient clinics will be home to Primary Children’s Outpatient Services, the Layton Parkway Clinic, an Intermountain Community Pharmacy, and additional physician offices.

Research at Intermountain


Research Teams Receive Funding from Intermountain and Stanford

The six research projects will receive seed grants of up to $75,000 each and will be jointly led by principal investigators from Intermountain and Stanford. The grants take effect September 1.
sam brown

ICU Patients Who Survive ARDS May Suffer from Prolonged Post-intensive Care Syndrome, Study Finds

A new study of 645 ARDS survivors by researchers at Intermountain Medical Center, Johns Hopkins University, and the University of Utah has identified subgroups of ARDS survivors who suffer what’s been called post-intensive care syndrome, a collection of symptoms that can linger for years.

Awards and Recognition

kim henrichsen

Intermountain's Chief Nursing Executive Named to Becker's List of CNOs to Know for 2017

In her role, Henrichsen oversees the delivery of clinical services across the Intermountain system to implement strategies aimed at helping people live the healthiest lives possible—Intermountain’s mission.

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