In 2020, we’re making a change in how we use assessments as we govern together as One Intermountain. Assessments are a key best practice to good governance. By using assessments, we can unlock other best practices, recognize success, and continuously improve. Over the years, many of our boards have individually used assessments. Now we have a new approach.

Recently, the Intermountain Healthcare Board approved an Assessment Guidance and an Intermountain Systemwide Board Assessment Plan (available on our portal’s One Intermountain Governance teamspace). The Guidance and Plan create a systematic, comprehensive assessment process. To help us execute on the process and administer assessments, we’re using a trusted external resource – The Governance Institute.

The process is simple: assess, review, plan, and report. Following the below staggered schedule, a board’s members will receive an email with a link to complete an assessment questionnaire. Board members will have about 30 days to complete the questionnaire.

Assessment schedule 2 

Two weeks after a board’s questionnaires are completed, The Governance Institute will generate the assessment results. Each board will receive a copy of their results so they can review them during their third or fourth quarter meeting. As part of that meeting and based on the results, we ask each board to create an action plan. To assist boards in doing so, The Governance Institute will help present results for review and advise boards how to create action plans.

On December 15, the Governance Office will collect each board’s action plan and compile a consolidated report for the Intermountain Healthcare Board’s review and approval. Boards can then implement their action plans for 2021, including reporting on any applicable metrics.

This board assessment process repeats itself in even-numbered years. In odd-numbered years, boards may use a similar committee assessment process.

Both the board and committee assessments will contain a limited set of self-evaluation questions. While all other answers are aggregated and anonymized, the self-evaluation answers will be made available to the board chair or committee chair. Those chairs can use the information to hold an annual informal check-in with trustees to obtain any other feedback or ideas and help maximize each trustee’s experience.

To make this a success and work together, we need each board and trustee to participate. We ask boards and trustees to complete assessments, review results, and create an action plan in a timely manner. If you have any questions about assessments, please reach out to the Director of the Intermountain Governance Office, Joe Loosle, at