When Scott Schofield, Intermountain’s Supply Chain Services director, received a text that said a temporary homeless shelter was opening in two days and needed blankets, he knew exactly who could help.

The Central Laundry, located in Woods Cross, was able to provide 400 blankets and 50 hamper bags on the first day the shelter opened in Salt Lake City’s Sugarhouse neighborhood. They also assured the shelter operators they’d have 150 clean blankets each day while it’s open. The specific thermal blankets from Central Laundry proved to be a perfect fit, since the blankets are being phased out, but they can still be properly laundered since the Central Laundry machines are already programmed to handle these blankets.

The logistics of delivering the laundry were also easy. The team was able to piggyback on an existing route that delivers just down the street from the shelter.

“The fast planning and collaboration of this group is really what made this task so successful,” Schofield said. “It’s also wonderful that we can provide a warm hug with these blankets.”

“It’s always great to know we have caring caregivers who can step up when there’s a need in a moment’s notice,” said Mikelle Moore, senior vice president and chief community health officer. “Coming together to support vulnerable members of our community with something as important as warmth and comfort is one of the many ways we can live our mission.”

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