In 2021, all Intermountain caregivers, board members, and trustees are required to complete a Conflict of Interest disclosure. At the beginning of January, you will receive a notification about how to complete the disclosure. If a board member or trustee is not an Intermountain employee, the board member or trustee will receive an email from Suzie Draper, Intermountain’s chief compliance officer, with a link to the disclosure and instructions for completion.

Conflict of Interest disclosures provide information Intermountain needs to manage situations that may create a real or apparent conflict of interest, and to make sure we are within the legal boundaries for our governance and operations. Example of outside interests may include a family member who works for Intermountain or an Intermountain supplier, financial interest in a healthcare-related organization, or participating on a board of directors for a non-Intermountain entity.

Please complete your disclosure in a timely manner so Intermountain can meet its reporting and ethical obligations. If you have any questions, contact Intermountain’s Compliance Department at 800-442-4845 or email