Dr. Lincoln Nadauld, chief of Precision Health, Precision Genomics, has been named to Modern Healthcare’s inaugural Top 25 Innovators list.

The publication highlights the most pioneering minds in healthcare consumerism, quality and safety, and cost reduction. Dr. Nadauld is one of six honorees selected for their impact on quality and safety.

“Under Nadauld’s leadership, Intermountain is using genomics in new and innovative ways,” the magazine reported. “One breakthrough development decodes the genetic makeup of a patient’s unique cancer cells, allowing for more personalized treatment. [They also launched] a study using a half-million DNA samples to discover new connections between genetics and disease.”

The study refers to the recently announced Heridigene project, a large-scale collaboration between Intermountain and deCODE genetics that will analyze the complete DNA of 500,000 Utahns to help understand and prevent diseases such as breast cancer, colon cancer, and heart disease.

“Congratulations to Dr. Nadauld and the entire Precision Genomics team on this outstanding achievement,” said Mark Briesacher, MD, chief physician executive. “Their innovations are helping predict, identify, and prevent disease, empowering our patients to live their healthiest lives possible.”

Innovations of other honorees included reduced emergency department visits by empowering paramedics to provide care directly in the patient’s home, improved electronic medical record data through direct communication with a patient’s smartphone, and improved access to mental health services for patients in the criminal justice system.