Intermountain’s Heber Valley Hospital and Heber Valley Clinic celebrated the completion of its multi-phased construction project Dec. 10. The results are a facility that’s one-third larger with more capacity for patients, additional specialized healthcare services, upgraded medical equipment capabilities, and added comforts that improve patient experience.

“We are now able to care for more patients and perform more surgeries closer to home during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. Bed capacity has increased by 16 percent and we’ve added a negative pressure room, as an added safety measure to care for patients who have a contagious, airborne illness,” said Si Hutt, Heber Valley Hospital administrator.

For patients who come in for same-day surgery, that doesn’t require a hospital stay, the newly remodeled area provides improved patient privacy and is conveniently located adjacent to the operating rooms.

“Chemotherapy services for cancer patients are now available at Heber Valley. This allows many patients to trade in time spent driving down the canyon for multiple appointments for more time at home with loved ones,” said Chad Marsing, the hospital’s pharmacy and infusion manager. “This newly constructed space for cancer services has been equipped with the ability to have tele-oncology visits with providers and also includes a dedicated space to administer infusion therapies for patients who need to receive intravenous treatments.”

A new state-of the-art CT machine has been added, which provides a faster scan that uses a safer, lower dose of radiation and delivers higher resolution images.

The new CT also has the capability to do a new study called calcium scoring, which is part of the cardiology services provided by Intermountain Heart Institute providers who practice in the Heber Valley Clinic part two days per week.

For women delivering a baby, upgraded birthing rooms, a new nursery, and a family-centered birthing room were also added. The family-centered room offers the comfort of a queen-size bed and extra space for family.

“Our overall focus at Heber Valley Hospital is to provide local access to sustainable, quality care. Since the pandemic, we’ve provided more virtual clinic visits through telehealth. We expect many patients will continue to use that convenience. Our hospital also benefits from telehealth, as our local physicians can consult remotely with other expert providers,” said Hutt. “We are innovating to bring more specialists and resources to our patients, whether they are in the hospital, the clinic, or at home.”

The re-design also allowed the hospital to put in landscaping that significantly improves water conservation. A smart irrigation controller was installed, which communicates with a weather satellite and adjusts water usage as the weather changes. And with the new exterior, the hospital put energy saving measures into place to reduce energy costs, including transitioning to LED lighting.