Coming up on the one-year anniversary of adding HealthCare Partners Nevada (HCPNV) to the Intermountain family, we pause to recognize the progress we’ve made in bringing our organizations together and share exciting news about plans to rebrand our Nevada operations.

Since HCPNV officially joined Intermountain on June 28 last year, great strides have been made in transition plans to align our organizational cultures, integrate business and clinical operations, and establish a foundation for long-term success in the southern Nevada market.

The Nevada business has retained many of the operating strengths and other attributes that helped it achieve the strong market position it held before joining Intermountain. Meanwhile, we’ve worked together closely to start providing essential shared services, extend clinical capabilities where market needs are not being met, and drive toward ambitious 2020 goals. Much has been accomplished over the past year, but a lot of work still lies ahead.

One of the most exciting integration steps is launching this month: HealthCare Partners Nevada is being rebranded as Intermountain Healthcare. This is an important undertaking as we seek to position Intermountain as the healthcare provider, partner, and employer of choice in southern Nevada. The work to rebrand a large, well-established organization with a vast array of clinics, 2,000 caregivers, many more affiliate partners, and hundreds of thousands of patients, while minimizing disruptions to normal operations, requires careful planning.

Over the next few weeks:

  • New exterior signs are being installed at clinics and offices;
  • Digital channels (website, social media) will convert to reflect Intermountain branding;
  • Patients will receive the first of a series of communications informing them of the change;
  • Health plan brokers, payers, affiliate partners and community leaders will be updated;
  • Nevada caregivers will celebrate the one-year anniversary and will receive Intermountain-branded tools for their jobs;
  • Key Intermountain cultural elements will be adopted; and
  • A multi-faceted marketing campaign will be launched to build brand awareness, starting in early July.

The rebranding of Nevada operations includes additional activities and likely will continue at least through the end of the year.

Nevada is a key part of Intermountain’s growth strategy. Our work to integrate culturally, operationally, and clinically, and to successfully rebrand will allow us to extend our mission to more people.