Intermountain is implementing Nasdaq’s Boardvantage solution as a system-wide board portal. This new development is significant: each board—wherever it is in the system—can now adopt the governance best practice of using an electronic portal.

Nasdaq’s Boardvantage portal is a customizable solution that is secure, robust, and intuitive with dedicated customer support. Each board will have its own team space. From there, trustees can access board books and materials electronically. And the portal will serve as an interconnected central repository of important governance documents.

The portal promises to serve as a one-stop shop for all our board needs. In addition to board team spaces, the portal features a One Intermountain Governance team space. Over time, this site will replace the Trustee Resource Center in its entirety, serve as the platform for trustee communications, and house the One Intermountain Board Governance Plan, along with its growing Guidance and Resources.

Given Intermountain’s many boards, the Governance Office will implement the portal on a rolling basis. We begin in early July with the northern community boards, move on with the majority of the boards in late July and August, and finish with the Foundation and its related boards in early September.

Each implementation phase starts with administrator user training. These administrator users include board liaisons and their executive assistants and support staff. After the administrator users are trained, trustees can expect to see email invitations to register for end-user training and the portal in August and September.

Using a portal or moving from one electronic portal to another is easy for the end user. Typically, end users are proficient on the Nasdaq Boardvantage portal after one 30-minute webinar. Nasdaq offers these 30-minute webinars every Tuesday and Thursday. The Governance Office aims to complete full implementation before the end of the third quarter.

This new system-wide portal is in line with our One Intermountain Board Governance Plan and the Governance Office’s work to enhance the trustee experience—to give trustees the tools when, where, and how they need to perform their best. If you have any questions, please contact Intermountain’s Governance Office at (801) 442-3584 or