, July 2, 2019: Bad Genes Not a Death Sentence “Researchers at the Intermountain Heart Institute in Salt Lake City undertook a study that involved comparing the heart health of 700,000 with the genetic information in a registry containing data on 23 million people.”

Business Insider, July 2, 2019: Big Hospital Systems are Borrowing an 80-Year Old Idea to Keep Patients Healthy and Cut Costs, and It Could Be The Future of Healthcare “And health systems like Geisinger in Pennsylvania and Intermountain Healthcare in Utah are at the forefront, in part, because they run their own insurance plans and are used to taking on financial responsibility for patients.”

Hospice News, July 8, 2019: Intermountain COPD Risk Scores Help Identify Patients Who Need Hospice “Clinicians at Salt Lake City-based health system Intermountain Healthcare have developed risk scores for patients suffering from COPD that can help health care providers identify which patients need hospice care versus curative treatments.”

Pharmacy Times, July 8, 2019: Naloxone Dispensing Found Higher at Facilities with Opioid Workflow “A retrospective study by Intermountain Healthcare Research found statistical significance between the rate of patients receiving naloxone with opioid prescriptions at health system pharmacies when compared to non-health system pharmacies. Health system pharmacies were found to dispense naloxone at a higher rate.”

Harvard Business Review, July 8, 2019: Building a Startup That Will Last “One example of putting mission ahead of profit comes from Intermountain Healthcare and their decision in 2016 to cannibalize $700 million in patient revenues to begin its transformation from a volume-based, fee-for-service healthcare operation to a value-based model.”, July 9, 2019: These 10 States Are The Best Places in America To Land Your Dream Job “Major Employers: Utah—Intermountain Healthcare …”

Bloomberg, July 10, 2019: Trump Calls for Overhaul of Costly Kidney Dialysis Program “[Home dialysis] is under-penetrated right now because the system is dominated by large, for-profit dialysis providers, said Michael Phillips, a doctor and managing partner at Intermountain Ventures, a unit of the hospital system Intermountain Healthcare.”

Healthcare Dive, July 16, 2019: Intermountain Starts New Company to Spur Shift Toward Value “The Salt Lake City-based integrated health system has pushed a number of initiatives aimed at disrupting healthcare delivery and reflecting the trend of paying for quality over quantity of services.”

Fortune magazine, July 16, 2019: Digital Health “Intermountain Healthcare is known for its experimental aspirations, whether as a leader in a nonprofit drug collaborative led by hospitals or its latest effort, a new health platform company called Castell.”

Fierce Healthcare, July 16, 2019: Intermountain Launches New Startup Aimed at Value-Based Care “Salt Lake City-based Intermountain Healthcare launched a new company aimed at boosting value-based care capabilities among providers and payers.”

Healthcare IT News, July 17, 2019: Intermountain Launches New Spinoff With Focus on Value-Based Care “The new company, named Castell, seeks to help these organizations speed their transition from volume to value-based care, with analytics, decision support, and other innovative tools hatched at Intermountain.”

Bloomberg Businessweek, July 18, 2019: A Former Science Minister Wants to Fund the NHS by Selling Access to Patient Data “U.S.-based Intermountain Healthcare just announced a partnership with Amgen to map and study the genomes of half a million people.”

Health Executive magazine, July 23, 2019: Civica Rx Partners with Hikma Pharma to launch 14 injectables “In May, Civica, which was founded with more than $100 million in backing from industry players such as Mayo Clinic, Intermountain Healthcare, and Trinity Health, penned a deal to distribute antibiotics with Xellia Pharmaceuticals.”, July 26, 2019: Vaping Linked to 8 Teens Treated for Breathing Issues, Chest Pain, Hospital Says “…Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City recently published a case in the New England Journal of Medicine involving a teen whose pen exploded in his face, causing injuries that mimicked close-range gun shots.”

Medscape, July 29, 2019:
AF, Carotid Disease Synergistic for Risks for Stroke, Dementia “Our study is one of the largest ever done, with the longest follow-up, of patients with either carotid disease of AF or both conditions, T. Jared Bunch, Intermountain Medical Center, told Medscape Medical News.”