More than 150 caregivers and their families and friends participated in September’s Brineman Triathlon in Syracuse, Utah, thanks to a race registration discount offered by Intermountain LiVe Well. Around one-third of the athletes were signed up through Intermountain. The event included an outdoor swim, bike ride, and run.

Intermountain CEO Marc Harrison, MD, told caregiver race participants: “What we’re doing here today is connecting what we say about LiVe Well with real action. I’m very pleased to see people integrating their work, their profession, with their well-being and their families.”

Dr. Harrison participated in the sprint category of the race. This is his 36th straight year competing in triathlons. Many of the Intermountain caregivers who joined him in the race were experiencing their first ever triathlon—such as Jeremy Mathis, a Systems and Information Specialist at the Supply Chain Center, and Ashley Christofferson, a Medical Assistant for the Medical Group.

Caregivers also made an impact on the medal podium—including Robert McConville, Healthcare Transformation Director, who took first place in the sprint category.

“It’s a blast to do this on Saturday morning. A beautiful swim with a sunrise over the water,” said McConville. He said he also enjoyed seeing so many Intermountain co-workers. “I think it’s great. It’s a positive work-life balance.”

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