When the HerediGene®: Population Study began, Intermountain research teams collected blood samples from a collection site in Murray and another in St. George. Now there are more collection sites opening throughout the state at Intermountain Healthcare hospitals and clinics along the I-15 corridor.

“We have participation sites opening all over Intermountain Healthcare,” said Lincoln Nadauld, MD, PhD, Intermountain’s chief of precision health and principal investigator of the HerediGene®: Population Study. “These are walk-in clinics. These are outpatient phlebotomy labs. There are many opportunities at different locations for patients to come and sign up and participate in HerediGene.”

Intermountain invites everyone to consider participating in this study. Its focus is to find new connections between genetics and human disease by consenting, collecting, and performing a whole genome analysis on 500,000 participants before the end of 2023.

“The result will be discoveries that will dramatically impact and radically improve the delivery of healthcare,” Dr. Nadauld said. “For those who participate, we’ll positively affect their healthcare immediately and dramatically improve the healthcare for their children and grandchildren.”