Intermountain’s Spanish Fork Hospital, which was originally slated to open in late October 2020, is now scheduled to open in early April 2021. On behalf of the system’s leadership team, here are the two main factors that contributed to the decision to reschedule the opening.

  1. The COVID-19 pandemic and related economic slow-down have had a significant impact on the healthcare industry. Patient volumes dipped significantly during the early weeks of the pandemic, causing us to take a cautious and measured approach in evaluating the timing of major capital projects.
  2. The implementation of COVID-19 safety measures has put the construction of the facility behind schedule.

"I appreciate the thoughtful analysis by many of our leaders that led to this decision and included community need, caregiver impact and financial considerations. The world we live in today is very different than it was just a few months ago, and it is our responsibility to ensure our system remains strong so we can continue to fulfill our mission," said Joe Mott, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Specialty-Based Care.

The original size and scope of the hospital remains the same which will allow us to meet the needs of the fast-growing communities of southern Utah County. More information on the exact services that will be available to patients can be found at

Caregivers who have been hired to work at Spanish Fork Hospital will begin to split their time between planning for the new facility and completing other assignments within the system. This team will resume focusing solely on Spanish Fork sometime in October. Future job postings for positions at the new hospital will be delayed until the end of 2020 and early 2021.

More information will be sent out later this year regarding the completion of construction on the facility and the new timeline for hiring caregivers. Questions about the new opening date for Spanish Fork Hospital can be directed to Administrator Francis Gibson at