The Intermountain Healthcare Supply Chain program has earned the prestigious “Master” designation for the third consecutive year in the annual Gartner Healthcare Supply Chain Top 25 list for excellence in supply chain management, innovation, and planning.

The annual ranking by Gartner, a national business consulting company, recognizes manufacturers, providers, distributors, and retailers from across the healthcare industry that demonstrate leadership in improving patient outcomes while controlling costs.

The “Master” designation is given to organizations that have ranked in the top five in seven of the previous 10 years. Once an organization reaches the “Master” designation they transcend the Top 25 ranking but must continue to demonstrate they are maintaining the same level of excellence and performance.

Gartner has released the rankings for the past 10 years. In Intermountain’s “Master” designation, Gartner highlighted Intermountain’s continued commitment to service excellence, cost reduction, innovation, and clinical integration.

In addition to Intermountain’s COVID-19 response, Gartner cited Intermountain Supply Chain’s work in the areas of supplier collaboration, clinical integration, caregiver development and diversity, and continued focus on cost and waste reduction as key differentiators from other healthcare supply chain organizations.

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