Intermountain acquired HealthCare Partners Nevada—based in southern Nevada—last summer as part of our overall growth strategy to strengthen our organization and help more people live the healthiest lives possible. The HealthCare Partners Nevada integration with Intermountain is occurring in phases as their 1,800 caregivers and 61 clinics transition to the Intermountain team.

“This is a huge opportunity for Intermountain to continue to grow and build partnerships while learning and adopting best practices from other great organizations,” said Rajesh Shrestha, Intermountain’s vice president and chief operating officer of Community-Based Care.

Kirk Miller, chief operating officer for HealthCare Partners Nevada, said, “One of our challenges is that we have to carve away from our former organization and integrate with Intermountain, which makes us a blank slate, but it’s also a lot of hard work. We don’t want this to disrupt daily operations at our clinics and the coordination of care for our patients.”

Miller said a big focus for his team right now is ramping up Intermountain branding in southern Nevada to align with the broader system and leverage both organizations’ reputations for quality, value-based care. Another piece of the integration is learning how to work together and build on each other’s strengths. The shared vision is to impact healthcare in southern Nevada, while also expanding Intermountain’s network and reach.

Many opportunities are on the horizon, both for Utah and Nevada, including:

  • Expanded network coverage: HealthCare Partners Nevada has recently expanded its network of hospitals to allow their Medicare Advantage patients to visit an Intermountain specialist at Dixie Regional Medical Center or Cedar City Hospital, as well as the three InstaCares in Washington County, with more Intermountain facilities to follow. Mesquite, Nevada, which is home to the Virgin Valley myGeneration Senior Clinic for seniors, is only 39 miles from St. George. Expanded access for Nevada patients at Salt Lake-based Intermountain hospitals for specialty care and transplant services is expected to follow.
  • Specialty pediatric care: Specialty pediatric care is a needed service in Nevada that will be expanded as part of the Intermountain partnership. Primary Children’s Hospital will open a pediatric neurosciences practice.
  • Life Flight service to Nevada patients: Intermountain Life Flight has extended its operations to all HealthCare Partners Nevada patients starting earlier this year, whether they need transportation to a Utah hospital or to a facility in Nevada or California. The Life Flight team serving Nevada is primarily based out of St. George, but occasionally the Salt Lake team will provide transportation depending on the situation.