For the first time in its 10-year history, Intermountain Medical Center is ranked by U.S. News as one of America’s Best Hospitals in the publication’s annual rankings of the nation’s top healthcare facilities, which were released in early August.

The Pulmonology Program at Intermountain Medical Center was ranked as the 48th top pulmonary program in the nation for outstanding pulmonary and respiratory care. Intermountain Medical Center was also ranked for providing high-performing services in diabetes and endocrinology care, nephrology care, and urology care.

“This is great recognition for our team of physicians and caregivers in the Pulmonary Program and throughout the Intermountain Medical Center campus,” said administrator Joe Mott. “This is further recognition of our commitment to providing the very best care possible to our patients.”

What makes Intermountain Medical Center’s Pulmonology service so effective? The pulmonology program is known for its singular focus on excellent patient care—it treats some of the most complex pulmonary patients, who often have other complications—combined with a research program that focuses on clinical outcomes.

The service’s clinical expertise is bolstered by a robust research focus, a patient-centered culture, and collaboration with Intermountain Medical Center’s other high-acuity services, including cardiology, thrombosis, thoracic surgery, oncology, and radiology.

As a result, the hospital’s high-acuity patients are evaluated thoroughly and quickly by multi-disciplinary teams who focus on the overall care of each patient, not just on a singular disease.

“Often, our patients have had a long road of symptoms and diagnoses before they see us, and our teamwork with our multidisciplinary colleagues ensures we treat each patient with the best current evidence, and more importantly, with the most empathy,” said Denitza Blagev, MD, Director of the Schmidt Chest Clinic and a pulmonologist at Intermountain Medical Center.