When Intermountain Healthcare adopted its new brand in 2005, we started using “Intermountain” as the short form of our name. Consistently referring to our organization as “Intermountain” (the communities we serve) and “Healthcare” (what we provide) reinforces our mission of helping people live the healthiest lives possible.

Our research shows people hold a higher perception of Intermountain Healthcare when they hear “Intermountain” or “Intermountain Healthcare” instead of the more impersonal acronym, “IHC.” Moreover, the national media have traditionally known us as “Intermountain,” and when we changed the spelling of “Healthcare” to one word—Intermountain Healthcare – the acronym “IHC” no longer applied. (While some legal documents still contain the acronym, we no longer use it in our communications or in our speech.)

So trustees and all audiences are encouraged to avoid the term “IHC” and to always refer to our organization by its correct name: either “Intermountain Healthcare” or “Intermountain.”