What does it mean to be not-for-profit?

​As a not-for-profit healthcare system committed to our patients and community, we exist to help others. We seek to provide the most effective care, based on proven best practices. We work to keep healthcare costs sustainable. We seek to engage patients in decisions about their treatments, listening to them and respecting their preferences. We seek to empower people to achieve their best possible ​health.

We passionately encourage lifelong healthy habits that reduce the need for medical interventions. We work with others in the community to provide ready access to care, and we extend a helping hand to those in financial need. We provide paths to renewal and recovery, for the human spirit as well as the body. Extraordinary care, always, for the people we serve, is our quest. We are here to promote health, and healing, for life.

Being Not-for-Profit

Watch two short videos on what being not-for-profit means for Intermountain Healthcare and our communities.