To improve the effectiveness of governance in our complex organization, the Intermountain Board of Trustees delegates authority to our governing boards with respect to certain areas and issues. However, the Intermountain Board of Trustees has the final authority for all of Intermountain Healthcare.

Besides the responsibilities required of all Intermountain trustees, here are some additional duties and responsibilities of trustees serving on division governing boards. To learn more about specific duties for the board you serve on, please contact your board chair.

Homecare & Hospice Governing Board

An unpaid board of executives and professionals who volunteer their time to help guide executive leadership of Homecare and Hospice. The advisory board provides direction and insight, and makes recommendations for current and future Homecare & Hospice policy and strategy.

Intermountain Homecare & Hospice is a full-service provider, offering home health, hospice, medical equipment, and infusion services to patients and residents in communities across Utah and Southern Idaho. As part of the Intermountain health system, Intermountain Homecare & Hospice is a not-for-profit organization, and serves patients without regard to race, religion, national origin, disability, age, or financial means.

Medical Group Governing Board

The Intermountain Medical Group Governing Board is primarily composed of board members who are practicing physicians. The board advises the Medical Group and addresses clinical and ethical issues that require critical and thoughtful evaluation.

Intermountain's Medical Group seeks to improve the practice of medicine and the delivery of care through physician clinics, medical staff planning for Intermountain hospitals, and support of Intermountain's Clinical Programs and the development of medical best practices.