Hospital governance is central to organizational success. Volunteer trustees from our communities help govern Intermountain Healthcare by serving on governing boards that oversee our hospitals.

Our Board of Trustees has final responsibility for Intermountain's actions and delegates authority to individual governing boards to set local policies, goals, and other expectations for hospital management.

Governing Board Service

As a trustee serving on a hospital governing board, you have a key role to help establish strategic goals aimed toward quality improvement and patient safety. Trustees generally aren't expected to manage operations or work directly with employees.


Patient Safety Responsibilities

Intermountain facilities address Quality and Patient Safety through a collaborative effort to help ensure compliance with safety policies, procedures, and regulations.


Participating in Quality Reports

Through the Value-Based Purchasing programs hospitals will be compensated financially for the quality of care they provide to Medicare patients.


Joint Commission Accreditation

Many of Intermountain's facilities are accredited by The Joint Commission through periodic surveys that assess compliance with established standards.