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Marc Harrison_Fortune Magazine

Fortune magazine names Intermountain Healthcare President Dr. Marc Harrison to its 2019 World’s 50 Greatest Leaders List

Fortune says Dr. Harrison’s impact on healthcare transformation is the key to his inclusion on the prestigious list.


Our Annual Report

At Intermountain, we promote health, and healing, for life. Explore patient stories, digital health tools, and more in our Annual Report.

Marc Harrison headshot preferred 2019 CROP

Have you checked out Dr. Harrison’s ‘Thanks for Asking’ podcast?

Recent discussion topics include open offices and caregiver burnout.


Intermountain Introduces Fundamentals of Extraordinary Care

Trustees can help reinforce Intermountain’s new Fundamentals of Extraordinary Care—safety, quality, patient experience, access, and stewardship—delivered through engaged caregivers.

Living Well with Dr. Harrison

Learn more about Dr. Harrison’s active lifestyle.


Intermountain's Proper Name Use

When Intermountain Healthcare adopted our new brand in 2005, we started using "Intermountain" as the short form of our name for a number of reasons.