Intermountain has a long history of innovation, starting with our pioneering use of informatics in the 1970s and our focus—begun in the 1980s—on using statistical quality improvement techniques to develop clinical best practices.

We are committed to transforming healthcare in innovative ways, shaped by our Mission of helping people live the healthiest lives possible®.

Here are three recent examples:

  • Navican Genomics is a new Intermountain Healthcare genetics research and testing company helping physicians identify personalized options to treat and manage cancer. Navican uses a unique process developed by Intermountain Precision Genomics to analyze the genetic makeup of a patient’s cancer and utilizes a team of skilled molecular tumor specialists to review each test and determine how to most effectively treat that particular cancer type.
Intermountain innovations in 2016 included the launch of a genomics research and testing company, as well as tools to help caregivers improve outcomes and lower costs.
  • Rehab Outcomes Management System (ROMS) is a web-based tracking and analytics tool that provides physical therapists with the information and data they need to make better, more personalized decisions. ROMS serves as a central repository of patients’ self-reported pain and disability measures. Therapists use the information to provide the most effective therapy. It also reduces costs for patients and payers.
  • Empiric Health is a new company developed by Intermountain Healthcare that leverages the ProComp application developed by Intermountain to help surgical teams maintain surgeon preferences, track and reveal costs, and compare surgical supplies. Users can see the costs of supplies, search for comparable products, submit change requests, and see the history of past changes. Within Intermountain, this initiative has reduced unnecessary costs for supplies by more than $90 million.