From Scott Anderson

Chair, Intermountain Healthcare Board of Trustees

I treasure my volunteer service in the governance of Intermountain Healthcare, because it allows me to see firsthand the life-affirming—and often life-changing—effects of an organization devoted to promoting health and providing truly world-class medical care. My role gives me opportunities to interact with people who have a calling to help others, as well as with those whose lives are changed as a result of that noble work.

In 2016, we started writing a new chapter in the story of Intermountain Healthcare. After many years of inspiring leadership, Dr. Charles Sorenson retired as President and CEO to pursue one of his cherished dreams of creating an institute to help develop a new generation of healthcare leaders. As Founding Director of the Intermountain Healthcare Leadership Institute, he’ll have the opportunity to shape the emerging new world of healthcare that is based on clinical excellence, superb patient and consumer experiences, affordability, and the relentless promotion of health—commitments achieved with the utmost integrity and reflecting humanitarian values.

We’re pleased to welcome an exceptional new President and CEO, Dr. Marc Harrison, who also has a strong vocation to transform healthcare. Dr. Harrison brings vast leadership experience, strength of character, and impeccable integrity. He’s passionate about Intermountain’s Mission, Vision, and Values, and the Board is confident Dr. Harrison is the leader we need to take Intermountain to even higher levels of excellence in serving our patients and communities.

From Marc Harrison, MD

President and CEO

Intermountain’s Mission of helping people live the healthiest lives possible® is highly personal for me. I’m a cancer survivor, and we have a son who nearly died from a head injury. Every day, every time I see a patient, I think about that patient’s life and all the family, friends, colleagues, and others who are touched by that life. Our work to promote health and preserve life is an honor, a privilege, and the deepest of responsibilities.

At Intermountain, we strive to put the patient at the center of all we do. We’re relentless about the health and care of each person we serve. We ask how we might innovate to improve safety, quality, the patient experience, and access in ways that honor our stewardship to them. We know people are trusting us with their lives and their loved ones’ lives, and that is an obligation and a privilege we never take lightly. Every action, every interaction with a patient, is based on what our knowledge and our values tell us is the right thing to do. That’s refreshing and inspiring for me.

In addition to providing leading-edge medicine, we’re fully committed to the “keeping people healthy” part of healthcare. We want to help people live better, more healthful lives. Our focus on health and prevention, as well as on providing the most effective care, also helps us make healthcare more affordable. Affordability is so important, of course, because offering the best care in the world doesn’t mean much if people can’t afford to access it. We also provide significant charity care to people with limited means. We accept patients regardless of their ability to pay, and we work with a network of agencies to address pressing health issues in our communities.

In 1975, when The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints donated its hospitals to the community and Intermountain was established to administer the system, church leaders had only one request: that Intermountain always strive to be a model of excellence in healthcare that would stand as a shining light to other organizations. Intermountain responded by innovating around integration and improving clinical care. That innovative spirit will define our future priorities as well. Today, in national surveys of healthcare leaders, Intermountain is typically ranked among the top five American health systems.

There is so much good work still to be done, and I’m honored to serve as Intermountain’s President and CEO. My wife, Mary Carole, and I completed pediatric residencies in the early 1990s through the University of Utah School of Medicine, working at Primary Children’s Hospital. I also completed a pediatric critical care fellowship here. And we started our family here. Returning to Utah and Intermountain is like coming home. I truly believe Intermountain is better positioned than any system, anywhere in the world, to take health and care to new levels of excellence. We look forward to providing the very best care—reflecting both value and values—and to helping people live the healthiest lives possible®.