Intermountain’s 10 Clinical Programs bring together our experts in medical science, operations, data analysis, and care delivery to advance clinical care. These programs help Intermountain optimize quality, and they are key to our ability to offer affordable care. Why? When care is provided in the best possible way, there are fewer medical complications, patients recover more quickly and completely, and costs tend to be lower.

Clinical Programs at Intermountain include: Behavioral Health, Cardiovascular, Intensive Medicine, Musculoskeletal, Neurosciences, Oncology, Pediatric Specialties, Primary Care, Surgical Services, and Women & Newborns.

A physician medical director and an operations director oversee each program and lead their guidance councils. The work of these governing councils benefits all Intermountain patients and involves the collaborative efforts of multidisciplinary development teams. These teams include representatives from every region of our hospitals and clinics. They work together to review the medical literature, evaluate our processes and data, and develop evidence-based best practices. Our caregivers then apply these standards, using judgment and flexibility, to tailor care to meet the unique circumstances of each patient.

Clinical programs are key to our ability to offer affordable care.

For example, teams from the Cardiovascular Clinical Program focused their efforts on improving care processes for people at high risk for hospital readmissions and mortality from heart failure. The Clinical Program developed the Heart Failure Pathway, a comprehensive set of reports, processes, and decisions to help our clinical teams intervene and deploy best practices for treating people with heart failure in a timelier manner, leading to improved patient outcomes. In 2016, Intermountain expanded the Heart Failure Pathway implementation—that began with our largest hospitals—to many of our smaller hospitals, broadening the potential to help more people with heart failure live longer, healthier lives.

Intermountain’s Clinical Services support our Clinical Programs and play a role in each one. These services include: Dialysis, Environmental Services, Food and Nutrition, Imaging, Infectious Disease, Integrated Care Management, Laboratory, Nursing, Pain Management, Patient and Provider Publications, Patient Safety, Pharmacy, Rehabilitation, Respiratory Care, and Wound, Skin and Hyperbaric Medicine.