2016 Community Clinic Visits1 2016 Visits 2015 Visits
Community clinics provide services to uninsured, low-income, and homeless people.
Intermountain Owned and Operated Community Clinics
Intermountain Cache Valley Community Health Clinic (Logan, transferred to Midtown Comm. Hlth. Clinic in 2016)
Intermountain Dixon Middle School Clinic (Provo) 1,475 1,691
Intermountain North Temple Clinic (Salt Lake City) 6,585 7,264
Intermountain Pamela Atkinson Lincoln Elementary Clinic (Salt Lake City) 2,818 3,517
Intermountain Rose Park Elementary Clinic (Salt Lake City) 1,155 1,217
Independent Community Clinics Supported by Intermountain2, 3
Bear Lake Community Health Centers (four sites in Garden City, Hyrum, Logan) 26,582
Community Health Centers (eight sites in Brigham City, Salt Lake City, Tremonton) 123,715 86,563
Doctors’ Volunteer Clinic (St. George) 12,497 11,259
Family Health Services Clinic (three sites in Idaho: Burley, Kimberly, Rupert) 19,197 28,505
Family Healthcare Clinic (five sites in Cedar City, Hurricane, St. George) 33,229 28,993
Fourth Street Clinic (Salt Lake City) 27,634 32,318
Hope Clinic (Salt Lake City) 10,200 12,500
Maliheh Clinic (Salt Lake City) 15,344 16,166
Midtown Community Health Center (eight sites in Logan, Ogden, Salt Lake City) 71,163 80,597
Mountainlands Family Health Center (five sites in Payson, Provo, Vernal) 42,612 43,590
Odyssey House Martindale Clinic (Salt Lake City) 4,503 2,237
Paiute Indian Tribe Clinics (four sites in Cedar City, Ivins, Kanosh, Richfield) 11,122
People’s Health Clinic (Park City)  8,428 8,547
Utah Partners for Health (two sites in Salt Lake City)  11,451 14,490
Volunteer Care Clinic (Provo) 4,106 3,470
Wayne County Community Health Center (two sites in Bicknell, Escalante)  23,044 17,301

(1) The number of visits for individual clinics may fluctuate from year to year due to a number of factors, including temporary variations in capacity.
(2) Clinic Visit statistics were provided by the respective clinics.
(3) These clinics receive most of their funding through federal, state, and private grants and donations. Intermountain’s financial support of independent clinics includes grants from the Intermountain Community Care Foundation, cash, and in-kind contributions such as diagnostic vouchers and lab services.
(4) Including both Intermountain-owned community clinics and Intermountain-supported community clinics, the total number of patient visits in 2016 was 456,860.

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