Digital resources are an important part of Intermountain’s commitment to engaging patients in their care and meeting them where, when, and how they want. Whether people are connecting with Intermountain at our clinics, in our hospitals, from home after a hospital stay, or through their computers and mobile devices, we want to provide them the best, most convenient resources possible.

Two examples from 2016:

  • My Health is a secure and convenient online patient tool. Historically, My Health has tracked a patient’s health history, providing online access to lab results, prescriptions, and more. In 2016, My Health enhancements included scheduling physician appointments online (pilot programs), completing online Medicare Annual Wellness Visit forms, viewing provider notes from a medical visit, and conveniently messaging providers.
  • TeleHealth gives patients and providers the opportunity to interact from a distance via audiovisual connections. Highlights include:
    • Connect Care, a service that allows patients to access providers from their computer or mobile devices anytime, anywhere, 24/7/365. More than 4,400 patients used this service during 2016.
    • In 2016, hospitals throughout Intermountain became connected via TeleHealth, allowing specialists from across the system to provide additional support to patients from Burley, Idaho, to St. George, Utah, in areas such as critical care, stroke, newborn critical care, behavioral health, pediatrics, and more.
    • In the future, TeleHealth services will expand to include additional clinic visit options.

Future plans include Connected Health, a digital strategy that will seamlessly integrate traditional and digital care to reach people when, where, and how they choose. Flexible tools will help patients:

  • Compare providers, costs, treatment options, and out-of-pocket expense estimates.
  • Quickly access information and support before and after a medical visit.
  • Connect with remote monitoring services.
  • Have a single, unified, “whole person” health and lifestyle record.