Intermountain Healthcare's President and CEO Marc Harrison, MD, shared Intermountain 2017, a report to the community, in April 2017. The audience included nearly 1,000 caregivers, community partners, and government and business leaders who met live at Intermountain Medical Center and digitally at viewing locations in many Intermountain facilities.

During his presentation, Dr. Harrison, MD, delivered three takeaway messages about Intermountain's commitments:

  1. We want Utah to be the healthiest state with the most affordable care.
  2. We have an intense focus on the individual lives we touch.
  3. We're well-positioned to improve healthcare worldwide.

Dr. Harrison concluded his presentation by reading a letter from a man who recently received gall-bladder surgery at Sanpete Valley Hospital, and because he was out of work and didn't have health insurance, he wasn't asked to pay. The man wrote a note that said: "Thank you for how well I was treated by Intermountain medically and now financially." Dr. Harrison said experiences like that demonstrate Intermountain's impact not just on Utah, but on people's individual lives. "In the end," he said, "this is the most human endeavor of all."