SelectHealth offers a range of health plans and personalized services to help members meet their individual needs and achieve their best possible health. One such group is Medicare Advantage members, who are benefitting from the SelectHealth Advantage Medication Therapy Management Program.

The program helps members manage their medications and associated health conditions. At no cost to Medicare Advantage members, a SelectHealth Medication Therapy Management pharmacist conducts a telephone consultation for those enrolled in our prescription drug plan to:

  • Evaluate medications and medical conditions, such as high blood pressure and diabetes, to assist members in getting the most benefit from their medications.
  • Provide suggestions on how members can take their medications to minimize side effects.
  • Explain how medication compliance may help save money.
  • Offer ways to simplify the member’s medication routine.
  • Offer recommendations allowing medications to work better for the member.

When appropriate, SelectHealth clinical pharmacists work directly with the member’s healthcare provider and pharmacy to ensure clear communications and coordination that benefit the member. A written summary of the pharmacist’s medication review and recommendations are provided to members and their primary healthcare providers.

LeeAnn Madrid, Pharm. D, SelectHealth Clinical Pharmacist, describes how the program makes a difference—one member at a time. “My goal is to help each person understand their medicines, be successful with their care plan, and stay healthy. The SelectHealth members appreciate the fact that someone cares about them as a person and about the medicines they take. By establishing trust and rapport on my calls, the members feel more at ease and share what is going on with their health. With this information I can assist them in leading a healthier life and meeting their personal goals.”

The SelectHealth Advantage Medication Therapy Management Program shows how SelectHealth pharmacists, working together with members and their healthcare providers, can help people live the healthiest lives possible.


The number of SelectHealth Medicare Advantage members, as of December 31, 2016.