Improving Community Health

Intermountain conducts a Community Health Needs Assessment every three years to identify the greatest health challenges facing people living in the communities served by each of our hospitals. Our Community Health Needs Assessments are conducted in collaboration with the Utah Department of Health, Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, local health departments, and other healthcare organizations.

As part of the most recent assessment, Intermountain identified the prevention of prediabetes, high blood pressure, depression, and prescription opioid misuse as priorities. We are now addressing these priorities (especially for low-income and underserved individuals) through screening, education, and treatment. Intermountain provided 45 community based health screening events and screened more than 3,100 people in collaboration with community partners during 2017. Nearly 12,500 behavioral health visits were provided to uninsured individuals, and 42 new suicide prevention programs were funded and implemented in Utah schools. Efforts to reduce prescription opioid misuse included the collection of 18,000 pounds of medication in disposal drop boxes, the dissemination of more than 3,000 naloxone rescue kits, and subsidized treatment for nearly 400 underserved individuals with opioid use disorders.

Health in our communities is also determined by factors outside the healthcare system. These factors, the social determinants of health, are conditions in the environments in which people are born, live, learn, work, play, pray, and age. These determinants of health include housing instability, utility needs, food insecurity, interpersonal violence, and transportation, among others. Intermountain has begun collaborating with public and private partners to influence health by also addressing these social needs.

From Victim to Teen Advocate

Utah youth suicide rates are rising four times faster than the national average, and one in five students is bullied. Shawnee Thompson rose from statistic to teen mentor with help from Intermountain.

Opioid Addiction Hits Home

Each month, 24 Utahns die from opioid overdose. Intermountain clinicians are working to save lives and help solve the opioid addiction crisis in Utah’s communities.

Intermountain Community Benefit in 2017

  • $34.3M Education

    Health professions education. We provided education for medical residents and college-level clinic training valued at $34.3 million.

  • $225.3M Financial Assistance

    We provided more than $225.3 million (adjusted) in 236,446 cases. Does not include $276.9 million in bad debts (care provided to people unwilling to pay).

  • $4.3M Grants

    Intermountain Community Care Foundation provided $4.3 million in grants to improve access to healthcare services for low-income, uninsured, or medically underserved people.

  • $7.7M Research

    Medical research. Intermountain provided nearly $7.7 million in support of medical research.

  • 10,616 Vouchers

    Diagnostic vouchers. Intermountain gave 10,616 vouchers valued at $8.6 million to 49 community and safety net clinics, reducing barriers to accessing diagnostic services.

  • 475,149 Clinic Visits

    Community clinics for low-income and uninsured. Intermountain owns four community and school clinics and provides financial and in-kind support to 49 independently owned clinics. These clinics cared for patients in 475,149 total visits in 2017.

2017 Community and School-Based Clinics

Community Clinic Visits1 2017 Visits 2016 Visits
Community clinics provide services to uninsured, low-income, and homeless people.
Intermountain Owned and Operated Community Clinics
Intermountain Dixon Middle School Clinic (Provo) 1,454 1,475
Intermountain North Temple Clinic (SLC) 6,524 6,585
Intermountain Pamela Atkinson Lincoln Elementary Clinic (SLC) 2,178 2,818
Intermountain Rose Park Elementary School Clinic (SLC) 769 1,155
Independent Clinics supported by Intermountain through grants, cash contributions, and in-kind contributions.2, 3
Doctors' Volunteer Clinic (St. George) 12,604 12,497
Fourth Street Clinic (SLC) 24,385 27,634
Hope Clinic (Midvale) 11,789 10,200
Maliheh Free Clinic (SLC) 15,294 15,344
Odyssey House Martindale Clinic (SLC) 2,268 4,503
People's Health Clinic (Park City) 8,208 8,428
Volunteer Care Clinic (Provo) 2,932 4,106
Bear Lake Community Health Center, Inc.
Bear Lake Community Health Center (Garden City) 3,130 3,312
Cache Valley Community Health Center (Logan) 14,948 3,530
Cache Valley Community Health Center, Logan (South Logan) 2,685 16,823
Cache Valley Community Health Clinic, South (Hyrum) 3,780 2,917
Community Health Centers, Inc.
72nd Street Clinic (SLC) 18,995 15,059
Central City (SLC) 22,421 26,684
Neighborhood (SLC) 10,684 8,422
Oquirrh (SLC) 43,854 39,389
Stephen Ratcliffe (SLC) 22,350 23,522
Ellis R. Shipp (SLC) 10,017 7,187
Bear River Community Health Center (Tremonton) 5,588 14
Liberty School Dental Clinic (SLC) 1,131 -
Brigham City 4,653 3,438
Family Healthcare
Family Healthcare (Cedar City) 3,054 3,754
Family Healthcare (Cedar City East) 5,289 3,681
Family Healthcare - Hurricane Middle School (Hurricane) 3,638 3,441
Family Healthcare - Millcreek High School (St. George) 5,065 4,170
Family Healthcare (St. George) 21,939 18,183
Family Health Services Clinics
Family Health Services (Burley) 19,686 8,944
Family Health Services (Kimberly) 6,866 3,789
Family Health Services (Rupert) 5,715 6,464
Midtown Community Health Center, Inc.
Midtown Community Health Center (Ogden) 37,064 38,245
James Madison Elementary Health Center (Ogden) 2,591 3,027
Midtown - South Salt Lake 6,991 6,928
Midtown - Hope Community Health Clinic (Ogden) 3,989 3,038
Midtown - Children's Clinic (Ogden) 6,633 6,940
Midtown - The Wellness Clinic (Ogden) 1,990 2,852
Midtown - Davis County Clinics (Clearfield) 7,589 7,690
Midtown - Community Health Center Logan Clinic 3,061 2,443
Mountainlands Family Health Center, Inc.
Mountainlands Family Health Center - Payson 3,959 4,531
Mountainlands Family Health Center - Provo 29,730 26,699
Mountainlands Family Health Center - Vernal 6,459 4,893
Mountainlands Family Health Center - Wasatch 4,250 3,958
Mountainlands Family Health Center - East Bay Health Center, Provo 2,838 2,531
Paiute Indian Tribe of Utah
Kanosh Community Health Center 1,828 2,427
Cedar City Community Health Center 2,467 4,384
Shivwits Community Health Center (Ivins) 984 1,674
Richfield Community Health Center 1,924 2,637
Utah Partners For Health Clinics
Mid Valley Clinic (Midvale) 5,837 5,226
Utah Partners for Health (Midvale) 8,768 6,225
Wayne County Community Health Center
Kazan Memorial Clinic (Escalante) 3,132 3,163
Bicknell Clinic 9,172 19,881
Grand Totals4
(1) The number of visits for individual clinics may fluctuate from year to year due to a number of factors, including temporary variations in capacity.
(2) Clinic Visit statistics were provided by the respective clinics.
(3) These clinics receive most of their funding through federal, state, and private grants and donations. Intermountain’s financial support of independent clinics includes grants from the Intermountain Community Care Foundation, cash, and in-kind contributions such as diagnostic vouchers and lab services.
(4) Represents the total number of patient visits in 2017, including both Intermountain-owned community clinics and Intermountain-supported community clinics.