Virtual Care Available Everywhere

Intermountain Healthcare is helping patients to receive the medical care they need, regardless of where they are, through one of the nation’s largest virtual hospital services—Intermountain Connect Care Pro. This brings together 35 telehealth programs and more than 500 caregivers.

Connect Care Pro provides basic medical care as well as advanced services, such as stroke evaluation, mental health counseling, intensive care, and newborn critical care. While it doesn’t replace the need for on-site caregivers, it supplements existing staff and provides specialized services in rural communities where those types of medical care usually aren’t readily available.

Because the healthcare services are online and digital, Connect Care Pro isn’t located in a specific building, but provides much of the same care that you’d find in a large, medically advanced hospital. This clinically integrated, digitally enabled approach not only improves the quality of care in the communities served, but saves patients and clinicians time and money.

All Intermountain Healthcare hospitals, including 10 of Intermountain’s rural hospitals, use the offerings of the virtual hospital to supplement or add to their existing services. And nine hospitals outside the Intermountain Healthcare system have already signed up to use these services to provide high-level care and keep patients closer to home whenever possible.

Intermountain Connect Care Pro also plans to extend these services in the community where they can easily be accessed in underserved areas. Discussions are underway to put patient kiosks or access devices in locations such as homeless shelters, schools, community centers, and perhaps jails, to make getting needed care more accessible.

TeleHealth Links Rural Utah

Intermountain TeleHealth links doctors and hospitals in rural Utah communities with big-city specialists and expertise—bringing patients like Mary Wall both high-quality care and the comfort and convenience of staying close to home and family.

Connecting with Intermountain Moms

Janna and Braden Coleman—YouTube vloggers with 36,000+ subscribers—are two of 55,000+ parents connecting with Intermountain Moms and Nurse Dani for information and resources about pregnancy, childbirth, and care for their kids.