2018 Report to the Community

Everybody's a hero. Their stories change our perspectives. We help their stories shine.

The stories we hear and see in healthcare are compelling and inspiring. At Intermountain, we have the privilege of being part of people’s stories, often in very intimate ways. This annual report shares a collection of stories and experiences we were honored to hear and, in most cases, be a part of last year.
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    Chair and CEO Message

    Acting from a position of strength, Intermountain continued driving change in healthcare during 2018 while providing experiences in support of our mission.

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    About Intermountain

    As the largest integrated health system in the Intermountain west, we serve people from a broad geographic area across the full spectrum of care.

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    StoryCorps® Partnership

    StoryCorps partnered with Intermountain Healthcare to record conversations—about experiences with health and healing—with people in the Intermountain community, including caregivers, clinicians, patients, and others.

  • Patient Experience

    Patient Experiences

    Across Intermountain, empowered caregivers co-create a human experience that is personalized and caring, supports health, delivers value, and is free from harm.

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    Advancing Medical Science

    We're constantly looking for new ways to advance medical science.

  • VC-BB-New

    Virtual Care

    Connect Care Pro® is one of the largest virtual care services in America, allowing us to serve those in remote locations.

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    Community health

    By working with community service organizations of all sizes throughout the communities we serve, we're able to identify the best ways to serve their needs.

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    Access and Affordability

    Improving patient outcomes is vital. Ensuring people can afford to access these services is equal in importance.

  • GP-BB-New

    Governance and Philanthropy

    Trustee volunteers and generous donors keep us on the path leading forward.

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    Events & Recognition

    Intermountain took bold steps to grow, improve access to quality care, and address community health needs in 2018, and was recognized for leadership in transforming healthcare.

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