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In 2001, a typical family of four in the U.S. with an employer-sponsored health plan spent an average of $3,200 for the year (8 percent of median household income at the time) on healthcare costs. Fast forward to 2017 and that same family spent $12,400 for the year (20 percent of median household income in 2017).

Obviously, such a rise is not sustainable. More and more people across the nation have been priced out of the healthcare market, and the communities Intermountain and SelectHealth serve are not immune.

As a not-for-profit health system, our focus is on making healthcare more affordable and providing quality care regardless of a patient’s ability to pay.

Helping people live the healthiest lives possible® sometimes means creating partnerships that are woven through our communities and across our state to better meet the needs of those who seek financial assistance when accessing care. By supporting and working with community healthcare centers, thousands of families in need are able to receive the kind of care they might not be able to otherwise.

Intermountain Financial Summary

Net patient services, including inpatient and outpatient care,  pharmaceuticals, and supplies; net of discounts provided for patients covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and other sources because these agencies have limited their level of payment  $4,984 $4,624
Charity services to qualifying patients unable to pay as part of our ongoing community commitment 
Provision for bad debts for services provided to patients who were unwilling to pay 
Non-patient activities, including health insurance premiums, contributions, and other resources  3,460
Non-operating income from investing activities  51 296
Salaries and benefits to our employees $3,038
Medical services and supplies 2,596
Business services, insurance, utilities, and cost of facility maintenance 1,162 958
Depreciation and amortization cost for this year’s use of buildings and equipment 319 281
Interest on borrowed funds 62 47
Increase in funds available for future needs to replace and improve health facilities, technology, and services 599 655
*This amount represents Intermountain's unadjusted total. Based on Utah State Tax Commission standards, Intermountain provided adjusted charity care of approximately $246.7 million in 2018 and approximately $225.3 million in 2017.

Making Generic Drugs More Affordable

No 1_ CIVICA Rx_logo
One of the boldest moves Intermountain made in 2018 was to initiate and help launch Civica Rx, a not-for-profit generic drug manufacturing company. The idea behind the company, which was formed by Intermountain and several other health systems representing approximately 800 U.S. hospitals, is to shake up the generic drug marketplace and challenge problematic pricing practices. Civica Rx will be operated as a public asset whose mission is to ensure that essential generic medications are accessible and affordable. Its focus will be on drugs that have emerged from the patent-protection period and are in the public domain, initially focusing on 14 critical hospital-administered generic medications that are anticipated to hit the market this year.

Intermountain Financial Assistance Program

Intermountain Healthcare is committed to providing medically necessary care by offering the Intermountain Financial Assistance Program to area residents who qualify.

The program applies to bills for care received at Intermountain Healthcare hospitals, clinics and healthcare providers employed by Intermountain. Patients are asked to pursue all other assistance options, including family, church and government sources, before seeking financial assistance from Intermountain. Assistance is available based on a sliding scale depending on household income, household size, and other personal circumstances. Assistance is typically available to individuals and families earning up to 500 percent of the federal poverty level, and the level of assistance decreases as income levels increase.

Additional information about the Intermountain Financial Assistance Program and application forms are available online.

Charity Care & Contributions 2018

  • 527,000+

    Clinic visits (community and school clinics)

  • $246 million

    Financial assistance provided (does not include bad debts)

  • 16,500+

    Diagnostic vouchers valued at $12.9 million to 54 clinics

  • 269,000+

    Total charity care cases

  • $36 million

    Total value for education provided (for medical residents and college-level clinic training)

  • $10 million

    Total value for support of medical research

Intermountain Healthcare 2018 Charity Care

Name of Hospital Location Licensed Beds Staffed Beds 2018 Charity Care4 2018 Charity Care Cases
Urban Hospitals1
1. Alta View Hospital Sandy, Utah 71 58 $ 4,328,227 4,250
2. American Fork Hospital American Fork, Utah 89 78 4,859,379 5,637
3. Bear River Valley Hospital Tremonton, Utah 16 13 796,391 1,240
4. Dixie Regional Medical Center St. George, Utah 284 284 23,884,644 20,962
5. Intermountain Medical Center Murray, Utah 510 502 62,414,536 40,335
6. Layton Hospital Layton, Utah 43 43 2,172 5
7. LDS Hospital Salt Lake City, Utah 262 256 23,639,974 15,933
8. Logan Regional Hospital Logan, Utah 146 137 9,496,077 9,772
9. McKay-Dee Hospital Ogden, Utah 321 310 33,093,392 25,477
10. Orem Community Hospital Orem, Utah 24 24 1,354,450 2,702
11. Primary Children's Hospital Salt Lake City, Utah 340 325 13,190,831 15,907
12. Riverton Hospital Riverton, Utah 97 87 3,638,272 4,254
13. The Orthopedic Specialty Hospital Murray, Utah 40 40 1,451,083 2,346
14. Utah Valley Hospital Provo, Utah 395 359 30,317,770 22,660
Rural Hospitals1
15. Cassia Regional Hospital Burley, Idaho 25 25 2,733,048 5,763
16. Cedar City Hospital Cedar City, Utah 48 48 5,886,064 7,151
17. Delta Community Hospital Delta, Utah 18 15 624,177 891
18. Fillmore Community Hospital Fillmore, Utah 19 19 338,158 593
19. Garfield Memorial Hospital & Clinics2 Panguitch, Utah 15 15 - -
20. Heber Valley Hospital Heber City, Utah 19 19 1,564,067 1,753
21. Park City Hospital Park City, Utah 37 37 2,584,541 2,186
22. Sanpete Valley Hospital Mt. Pleasant, Utah 18 18 1,386,444 2,208
23. Sevier Valley Hospital Richfield, Utah
23 Hospitals 2,866 2,736 230,132,216 195,100
Medical Group 9,471,222 62,468
Homecare 4,049,109 10,820
Other3 3,016,221 718
Total Charity Care4
  1. Urban and Rural designations reflect the location of hospitals relative to U.S. Census Bureau Metropolitan Statistical Areas.
  2. In 2018, Garfield Memorial Hospital & Clinics (Garfield Memorial) provided 1,119 cases of charity care totaling $368,244 (adjusted). As Garfield Memorial is a managed entity of Intermountain, the charity care provided has not been incorporated into Intermountain's financial accounting.
  3. "Other" includes charity for other operations such as the Avenues Surgical Center, the McKay-Dee Surgical Center, and Intermountain Rehabilitation Services.
  4. In 2018, Intermountain provided approximately $418.8 million (unadjusted) in charity care to people unable to pay. The charity care totals listed in this table have been adjusted based on standards established by the Utah State Tax Commission.
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