Patient Experiences

Creating Memorable Experiences

The most memorable and positive part of an experience is sometimes referred to as a “peak moment.” Such moments can happen as part of the healthcare experience, and we work to identify, capture, and spread them throughout our system.

Across Intermountain, empowered caregivers co-create a human experience that is personalized and caring, supports health, delivers value, and is free from harm.

"Something that mattered so much to him mattered to me."

Intermountain surgeon Shane Lewis, MD, and his wife, Dixie, talk about recognizing the humanity in everyone, and Dr. Lewis shares memories of an elderly patient who was worried about his wife at home alone. By personally checking on the well-being of the spouse, Dr. Lewis helped put the patient at ease. That peace of mind allowed the patient to focus on his own healing process.

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Planning a Wedding in a Matter of Hours

When caregivers at Intermountain Utah Valley Hospital realized a patient’s rapidly advancing cancer meant she would likely not survive until her daughter’s upcoming wedding date, they sprang into action. With the bride and groom’s consent, within hours they produced a beautiful wedding ceremony and celebration in the hospital that the patient was able to witness and enjoy.

Safe Sleep Initiative in Mother-Baby Unit

To address the risk of newborns falling from the loosened grasp of an exhausted mother who unexpectedly falls asleep while holding or nursing her infant, the Mother-Baby Unit at Intermountain Logan Regional Hospital created a safe sleep initiative that has significantly improved results.

McKay-Dee Zero Harm Team MRI

The MRI team identified a patient safety risk with colored contacts and notified the entire Intermountain system.

Emergency Water Filtration at Garfield Memorial Hospital

After a flash flood contaminated the water supply for rural Panguitch, Utah, home of Intermountain-operated Garfield Memorial Hospital, quick action and ingenuity by the hospital’s caregiver team ensured that safe patient care continued uninterrupted.

Nation's First "One Stick" Hospitalization for Inpatient Blood Draws

In 2018, Intermountain became the first integrated health system in the U.S. to implement a new needle-free blood collection system across all its hospitals.

Rooming-in Program Enhances Immediate Mom-Baby Bonding

Because time together with mom during the first days of a baby’s life enhances bonding, and based on research showing mom is likely to get the same rest when her baby stays in her maternity unit room, Intermountain hospitals began a rooming-in program in 2018.

Partners in Healing Engages Loved Ones in Patient Care

Intermountain launched a program that provides opportunities for family members to help in the hospital with basic care for their loved ones, significantly enhancing the healing process and reducing readmission rates.