Intermountain’s Supply Chain Organization helps Intermountain offer more affordable services.

Operational Effectiveness

To promote the best health and care at the lowest reasonable cost, we use resources wisely

Cost directly affects people’s ability to access health resources, so Intermountain works to keep care as affordable as possible. We operate efficiently to avoid waste and use resources effectively.

Intermountain is widely regarded as a leader in demonstrating that a continuous focus on quality can result in less expensive care. In healthcare, higher quality tends to cost less, because patients usually have fewer complications, readmissions, and other issues requiring additional treatments.

In addition, Intermountain has worked for years to eliminate tests and procedures that add only cost or risk to a patient’s care—while not adding commensurate benefit in diagnosis or management of disease.

Wise use of resources includes environmental resources as well. We seek cleaner air, more efficient processes, and lower water and energy usage. Our initiatives include the use of solar energy; electric, natural gas, and fuel-saving vehicles; a robust recycling program; investment in green technologies and buildings; and support of public transportation. These efforts were recognized last year when we received Utah’s “Excellence in Energy” award for working to improve the environment and create a more resource-sustainable future.

Sustainability highlights in 2014:

  • We installed solar panels at our Supply Chain Center
  • We added the first entirely electric car to our fleet
  • Our team members “adopted-a-highway”—cleaning up a two-mile stretch of I-80
  • We recycled 23 percent of our total waste stream, equaling over 4.3 million pounds of waste
  • We replaced polystyrene foam cups in our hospitals and clinics with paper or washable products
  • We reduced natural gas usage by 25 percent at LDS Hospital through technology upgrades
  • We saved 105,000 gallons of water through the installation of a highly innovative boiler system at TOSH—The Orthopedic Specialty Hospital
  • Our employees traveled an average of 482,337 miles per month on public transportation

For more information, read Intermountain’s 2014 Sustainability Report.

Intermountain Healthcare Financial Summary


FUNDS AVAILABLE 2014    2013   
Net patient services, including inpatient and outpatient care, pharmaceuticals, and supplies; net of discounts provided for patients covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and other sources because these agencies have limited their level of payment $4,005.8    $3,806.0   
Charity services to qualifying patients unable to pay as part of our ongoing community commitment (384.7)* (281.7)*
Bad debts for services provided to patients who were unwilling to pay (152.8)   (231.6)  
Non-patient activities, including health insurance premiums, contributions, and other resources 2,105.1    1,748.8   
Non-operating income from investing activities 129.6    371.4   
TOTAL FUNDS AVAILABLE $5,703.0    $5,412.9   
Salaries and benefits to our employees $2,344.8  $2,257.8 
Medical supplies and services 1,911.5  1,440.4   
Business services, insurance, utilities, and cost of facility maintenance 729.2  641.9   
Depreciation and amortization cost for this year’s use of buildings and equipment 235.7  257.7   
Interest on borrowed funds 50.8  48.8   
Increase in funds available for future needs to replace and improve health facilities, technology, and services 431.0  766.3   
TOTAL FUNDS APPLIED $5,703.0  $5,412.9   

*This amount represents Intermountain’s unadjusted total. Based on Utah State Tax Commission standards, Intermountain provided adjusted charity care of approximately $224.4 million in 2014 and approximately $172.9 million in 2013.

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