Stuck in a rut? Mix it up.

By Meagan Kline

Variety is the spice of life… and exercise.  Ever find yourself stuck in the same routine, with no results and no excitement?  It is crucial to mix up your exercise weekly.  These adjustments don’t need to be large, but altering your mode, time, speed or intensity can give you great benefits.

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Some suggestions include:

  • Keeping a grade of at least 1% on the treadmill
  • Keep your revolutions per minute (RPM) at least 90 on the stationary bicycle
  • Try a new machine at the gym

Also, now that the weather is warming up, try taking your workout outdoors.  Head over to a local track and try running a flight of stairs between laps.  Make sure your bike is in working order for those impromptu bike rides with your family. Grab a racket and begin tennis, again. All of these changes can help with motivation, fitness level and enjoyment. ​