Staying Active in the Winter

Exercise and staying active helps our heart, lungs, brains and muscles stay fit and healthy! It can improve our mood and give us more energy. When old man winter comes around it can seem harder to stay active, but that makes it more important than ever.


Here are some fun ideas for staying active in the winter:

  • During the holidays, walk around the block caroling, enjoying the lights and decorations, or delivering cards or gifts to your neighbors and friends - instead of driving.
  • Rake leaves and shovel snow.
  • Enjoy the snow. Go sledding, skiing/snowboarding, making snow angels, have snow ball fights and build a snow man!
  • Exercise during commercials by doing jumping jacks, pushups, crunches, etc. See how many you can do before the commercial ends.
  • Play active video games, like the ones that require you to dance or play other virtual sports.
  • Go swimming at an indoor pool.
  • Crank up the music and dance like crazy!
  • Clean your house or do extra chores.
  • Go for a new record, such as how long you can juggle, hula hoop, jump rope, or somersault.
  • Challenge your siblings and parents to see who can stand on one foot longest, stay in a certain Yoga position longest, or who can do five pushups fastest? Make it fun!
What other things can you think of? Be creative! There are a lot of other ways to stay active and have fun in the winter.