Research Posters: Getting It Right

By Michael Britton

Office of Research offers research poster training

This morning at Primary Children's Hospital, several Intermountain nurses participated in a special poster training hosted by the Office of Research. Sue Gagnier, Communications Specialist III - a graphic designer; and Michael Britton, Research Communications - a writer, taught the class on correct usage of the new Intermountain research poster templates.

Participants got the low-down on the purpose and intent of branding at Intermountain (how our color schemes, logos, and overall presentation fit into the whole communication strategy and research message), as well as an introduction to the tools, templates, and hands-on techniques for making top-notch, consistent, professional research posters.

The timing was just right: all of the nurses present today are gearing up to present posters at the upcoming Annual Nursing Research Conference on October 24.

But it's not too late for you! If you'd like to learn best practices for poster development, familiarize yourself with the poster templates, and get handy tips-and-tricks for building your poster, Sue and Michael will be providing a similar training for the Research Rules Colloquium on October 29 at Intermountian Medical Center. They'll be joined by Greg Snow, Director of the Statistical Data Center, who will provide tips on how to present your data on a poster.

RSVP to Bonnie Ruiz at and bring your laptop for some practical learning! Lunch wil be provided. Additionally, the training will be streamed so you can watch remotely, or watch the archived video later on Finally, Sue and Michael, your communication experts, are always just an email away, and ready to help.