Fueling Your Young Runner

By Liz Blike

Most parents wouldn't consider their child a long distance runner; but did you know that running takes place in a multitude of sports? In any given sport, your child may run between a half a mile and 3 miles. Considering most young athletes have practice 2 or more times a week and games twice a week they do a lot of running!  

Want To Be a Healthy Guy? Some Important News for Men from the Medical World

By Intermountain Healthcare

When it comes to men’s health, statistics tell a discouraging story. Here in the U.S., the average Joe’s life expectancy is only 76.4 years, compared to 81.2 for the average Josephine. Men get more chronic diseases, including diabetes, heart disease and cancer, at younger ages than women. And even in early adulthood, men are more likely to have fatal accidents or commit suicide; men are also likelier than women to be victims of homicide.