The Three P’s That Can Help Your Breakfast Be Friendlier to Your Health

By Ashley Hagensick

As a registered dietitian, I often hear people complain they don’t have time or the appetite for breakfast - or they say skipping breakfast is a good thing. In fact, a recent online story based on a limited study suggested that breakfast had little bearing on overall health. It went so far as to claim that people who skipped breakfast didn’t gain any more weight than those who ate a regular breakfast.

Are You a Moderator or Abstainer?

By Brad Gillman

We are not built from the same mold. What success one person has, in regards to healthy habits, does not mean those are the steps for you. We all have our own unique set of characteristics and we have to find what works for us as individuals in order to establish a healthy habit.

It’s the advice that Michelle Best, LiVe Well manager for Utah Valley Hospital, has been giving people for their healthy goals based on the advice from the book Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin.

Here are four areas that can help you decide how to achieve the healthy habit you want.

Surprising Health Benefits of a Fiber-Rich Diet

By Intermountain Healthcare

Fiber: Does the word bring to mind cereal that tastes like cardboard, or unpleasant-to-watch commercials about constipation? Improving the, um, digestive process is the usual reason why people think they should eat more dietary fiber. It’s certainly good for that – and so much more!