French Health System Delegation Visits Intermountain Healthcare

By Brad Gillman

Intermountain Healthcare hosted a delegation of French Health officials this past week.

The relationship is part of a collaboration between the French healthcare system and Intermountain’s Institute for Healthcare Leadership. The focus is to study best practices in France, create a version of the Advanced Training Program (ATP) overseas, and to engage in joint learning opportunities.

The Difference in Heart Attacks Between Men and Women

By Brad Gillman
how to prevent artrial fibrillation

When it comes to heart attacks, there is not just one symptom. It could be the well-known chest pain, a throbbing arm, or could even just be a toothache.

Heart attack signs are not stereotypical. There certainly can be the visual signs of the grabbing chest or arm that we know. Yet those are not the only things to keep your eye on. Not every heart attack patient is the same and it can differ based on if it is a man or woman.