Mom Talk: Should I Give My Baby Goat's Milk?

By Jessie Hatch
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It’s a question I hear all the time. Parents ask me about this option because they want to do what’s best for their child; they want natural food alternatives to help their infants grow or maybe to help with stomach issues like reflux or pain.  The internet is full of mommy bloggers and reputable looking sources who recommend goat’s milk as a great alternative to infant formulas. We hope this can provide you with some answers to 5 commonly asked questions about goat’s milk and babies.

5 Ways to Improve Family Relationships

By Carrie Duford
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Only a little over half of Americans are satisfied with their family life, according to a recent Gallup Poll. This data isn’t surprising, as keeping your family together and happy can be hard at times. However, there are a few, simple things you can do to facilitate happy and healthy relationships in your family.

Lincoln School Clinic Helps Mars Russell Diagnose His Diabetes and Live a Healthy Life

By Intermountain Healthcare

Community Clinics supported by Intermountain provide a “medical home” for many people who might otherwise have difficulty getting care, including those with low incomes or who lack adequate insurance. Mars Russell is who has greatly benefited from this service.