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I am Dan Fey. Originally from Puyallup, Washington (about 45 minutes south of Seattle), I currently reside in Provo, and have worked at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center for the past 3+ years. I work as an exercise physiologist with a concentration in running biomechanics (proper technique and form) and agility training. I love training athletes of all sports, but find particular enjoyment in working with football players and track and field athletes, as those are the sports in which I have extensively competed. I enjoy spending time with my wife and two children, travelling whenever we can and running. I am currently training for the Ogden marathon in May.

If the Shoe Fits - Select the Best Shoe for You

By Dan Fey

If the shoe fits…It’s a phrase that we hear time and again throughout life. But how do we know if the shoe really fits? One of the trickiest things we are faced with is picking out running shoes. Does it look cool, is it light weight, does it allow my foot to breathe and does it feel good when I run? These are a few questions we need to address when purchasing a shoe.​