Jessie Hatch

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Jessie Hatch is a Registered and Certified Dietitian who works in Newborn Intensive Care, Obstetrics, and Pediatrics at McKay-Dee Hospital in Ogden, Utah. She loves being able to work with moms to impact health for themselves, their families, and especially the new babies in their lives. If she’s not busy working, she likes to spend time outdoors with her husband, preferably boating or paddle boarding around a lake.

The Skinny on Milk

By Jessie Hatch
the skinny on milk

With so many conflicting recommendations about milk, it’s understandable that you might have questions and find it hard to decide what is healthy for your family. It’s our job as Registered Dietitians to help you and your family evaluate diet information so you can make good nutrition decisions.

Mom Talk: Should I Give My Baby Goat's Milk?

By Jessie Hatch
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It’s a question I hear all the time. Parents ask me about this option because they want to do what’s best for their child; they want natural food alternatives to help their infants grow or maybe to help with stomach issues like reflux or pain.  The internet is full of mommy bloggers and reputable looking sources who recommend goat’s milk as a great alternative to infant formulas. We hope this can provide you with some answers to 5 commonly asked questions about goat’s milk and babies.